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Ready to start your custom home journey? You might be thinking to yourself, so how much does it actually cost to build? There is no set cost, as a lot of variables go into determining the building cost of your home. We’d rather be transparent with how we determine pricing, let you see our value, and exceed your expectations on the final outcome! 

Let us show you a few things to consider when understanding what goes into the pricing of a custom home!

  1. The price of your custom build is always  based on personalized building specifications. This piece is the ultimate guide and plan to build your masterpiece. Every home builder will make their own building specifications to make sure every moving piece involved in the process goes as smoothly as possible. 
  2. Main and second floor specifications cost more per square foot than basements and lofts. 
  3. Garages aren’t included in square foot pricing. 
  4. Homes under 2500 square feet cost more per square foot to build
  5. Lavish exterior elements cost more per square foot
  6. We help you with your home design from beginning to end! 
  7. Connect you to an interior designer to ensure your space is functional and aesthetically pleasing! 
  8. At Pavone Homes we believe that the price on your contract should be the price that you actually pay when all is said and done! That is why we have a fixed pricing model. The only time the price may fluctuate is if you ask for more add ons. 

We take pride in knowing that quality won’t be overlooked. Looking to discuss further about options, process, what’s included and how to get your build started?

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